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Strategic Projects


As Qatar’s dependence on cyberspace and information technology grows, the resiliency and security of its ICT infrastructure becomes ever more important. The government of Qatar has realized the need for driving the adoption of cyber security and safety within the nation, and has been working tactically to address the prevalent threats


Qatar’s 2030 Vision

Qatar’s 2030 vision provides a number of strategic areas of importance to the nation, some of these areas have direct impact on the nation’s priority for tacking cyber safety and security. The main strategy thrusts, related to and directing our cyber safety and security strategies are described below.


Human Development : Within this pillar, there is a requirement to provide education responding to the current and future needs of the labor market. This includes the grooming of technology and security savvy workforce. Within this domain the need for providing certification and training to the local population is a key requirement.

Social Development : In this pillar, there is an emphasis on maintaining a secure, confident and stable society. This requires a set of frameworks and ecosystems that would allow the social development to thrive…online.

Economic Development : There is an emphasis on maintaining financial and economic stability by having a secure and efficient financial system, the energy sector which drives the majority of Qatar’s economy is also spotlighted, all this needs to be maintained, kept resilient and secure against all threats including cyber threats.