• IS Risk Management Framework Workshop Outline


    Date: Thursday, November 24th, 2016

    Location: MoTC Building, Al Nasr Tower B, 3rd Floor Training Room

    Time: 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM (3 Hours)

    Workshop Facilitators:

    Mr. Ashraf Ismael - CS Information Assurance Section Head

    Mr. Zouheir Abdallah - CS Sr. Risk Specialist


    Arabic & English



    Who Should attend:


    ·    IS/IT Security Managers and Auditors

    ·    Governance Risk & Compliance Managers

    ·    CIO/IT Managers

    ·    Business Managers (Process Owners)

    ·    System and Information Owners




    · Learn the detailed steps for the activities to be followed to implement the Information Security Risk Management framework and procedure

    ·  Understand your role and responsibilities with regard to information security risk management

    ·  Practice concepts and tools


    Course Contents


    ·    Risk Management & Information Security (IS) Risk Management

    ·    Why and How to manage IS Risk

    ·    Information Security Risk Management (ISRM) Framework

    ·    IS Risk Governance

    ·    Roles & Responsibilities

    ·    Definitions

    ·    Approach & Worked Example


    Participants will gain knowledge in the following


    ·    Visibility to IS risks / opportunities

    ·    Compliance with regulatory requirements

    ·    Identify critical information assets

    ·    Reduces frequency & magnitude of IS incidents

    ·    Raise awareness about information security risks & make more informed decisions

    ·    Increase the level of trust from customers and shareholders

    ·    Drive business continuity planning & Demonstrate good corporate governance


    Download File:-

    MoTC ISRMF v1.1



  • Application Security for Managers by SecureNinja

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  • Shadow Brokers and Cisco Systems [Advisory]
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  • OpenSSL Security Advisory [DROWN]
    DROWN is a vulnerability that affects HTTPS, and associated services like browsing the internet, mail, Instant messages that rely on SSL/TLS.
    DROWN allows attackers to decrypt the communication and steal sensitive information like passwords, financial data, emails, Instant messages, and credit card numbers.
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