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Sending Sensitive Data

Sending Sensitive Information to Q-CERT

We strongly urge you to encrypt sensitive information. We can exchange email with you using PGP. See the information below about where you can obtain GnuPG or PGP.
Many documents developed by the Q-CERT are signed with the Q-CERT PGP key. We encourage you to check the signature to ensure that the document was indeed written by our staff and has not been changed.

As a good security practice, users should be sure to validate PGP keys they receive and not trust unvalidated keys. In the past, forged CSIRT PGP keys have been created and uploaded to public keyservers. It is important to validate your copy of the Q-CERT PGP public key to confirm that it is legitimate.

Obtain our PGP public key 

This PGP key has the following properties:

Q-CERT PGP Key Information
Key ID: 0xEFCEF55C
Key Type: RSA
Expires: 2015-03-31
Key Size: 2048
Key fingerprint = 4829 34FB B56D F73C E3A7 4273 B8C5 CF85 EFCE F55C
UserID: Q-CERT q-cert@qcert.org

The new key is an RSA key, and it is constructed to provide maximum interoperability and backwards compatibility with as many versions of PGP as possible, as well as with GnuPG.
The Q-CERT PGP keys have an operational life span of approximately one year. When we generate a new key, it will be available from this web page, and we will announce the change on our home page.


  • Verify our fingerprint by calling the Q-CERT hotline (+974 4493 3408 or 4499 5388).


Obtaining GnuPG or PGP


Gnu Privacy Guard offers an OpenPGP compliant application that is freely available. You may obtain GPG software from GnuPG's distribution site:http://www.gnupg.org
This site provides details for the most appropriate software based on your operating system. Please note that the version compiled for MS-Windows is a command line version and comes with a graphical installer tool.

Symantec’s encryption products, now including PGP Desktop Email, You may obtain trail-ware software from Symantec’s PGP page: http://www.symantec.com